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Eric and Peety Mutual Rescue

This video will break your heart. This is the story of a man and his dog. Who help who the man help the dog? Or did the dog help the man? The struggles both went through encourge each other to live. Credit: Mutual Rescue Shelter
for these great videos they produce and thier dedication to saving lifes.

Southwest Florida Eagle Cam

Live from Southwest Florida Eagle Cam.

SWFL Eagles ~~ Welcome to the World E9!! Official Hatch 12.31.16

This is amazing to watch nature takes it's course.
E9 was welcomed into the world today at 7:33am! Congratulations
Southwest Florida Eagle Cam & Harriet and M15 on a job well done! M
brought in grasses and Harriet got up and we were able to witness the
hatching of E9. M sees E9 for the first time & pulls some of the
shell aside!! Thank you for watching!
Video captured and edited by Lady Hawk
Courtesy of Southwest Florida Eagle Cam Foundation and Dick Pritchett Real estate

                 Garden Of Gods
     Colorado Springs, Colorado

The Garden of the Gods is located in the city of Colorado Springs, Colorado and is a registered National Natural Landmark.  Great place to spend a day with family. Spend some time in God's creation. More information go to Garden Of Gods