Sound Off Pueblo.

This is going to be a fun and interesting forum. This is Sound Off Corner.  Anything can happen here and can be discuss here from politics,sports,money,issues or anything that you want to talk about. This forum is intended to be a means of sharing information, ideas and thoughts about our great community and to just have FUN. To make this a "live or virtual" newsletter I encourage readers to share their thoughts, about news that may be funny or serious and tell us about upcoming events.   Please be respectful of others comments or views we want to have an open forum here.  With respect to our 2nd admendment rights we want everyone to express their point of views here.   Please see my comment below and start an conversation.

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View video and leave your comment. Every month there will be a new video so you can leave a comment. There will be conterversal topics posted here. Hey this is America.

February 2017 Video